Useful Tips


About the location:

You have deliberately chosen this location for its splendid isolation, but you should also realise the consequenses.

Beside your simple accomodation, the house of its owner, and some huts in the vincinity, you are surrounded by nature and nature alone.  So no shops, no restaurants, no roads, no cash machines, no nothing.
Also realise that medical assistance is almost absent, except for a nurse on Friwen island.

About the homestays:

Most of the homestays are not really homestays , but separate, very basic bungalows, near to the house of it's ownwer.( which is almost as basic as your bungalow). Cooking will mostly be done at the owners house.

Exception is the Dore Atri Homestay, which is really a room at the house of the owner.

Most homestays are constructed from Atap, an ingenious methode using the leaves of the sagopalm. Remember the simple construction of these  houses may have it's hiccups , but generally speaking contributes enormously to your holiday experience.

Toilets may be squatting toilets or western style, your bed is probably just a matress. Always bring your own klamboe (musquitonet), just in case.

Electricity is available only at sunset and in the early evening. Oillamps will be lighted during the night.    

Your host will do his utmost to make your stay as pleasant as possible, . He may however have his natural docile attitude towards foreigners. This means that he may not communicate in the easygoing  and direct manner we westerners are used to. So its useful to remember again that communication is always done with a smile and in a respectfull manner.

So never raise your voice or frown if there is a problem, but explain gently.

What to take along:

As your package is all inclusive, there are not many things you need. 
Since part of the trip is by prau, bulky suitcases are not advised.

However some items prove to be very usefull:
- A mosquito net, is often provided, but not always. Having your own makes travelling more secure. Buy it locally at the larger supermarkets in Sorong.
- A good folding knive is useful for dealing with fruit and fishes.
- Snorkling equipment
- Torch or flashlight
- An electric plug diverter, since you may have electricity for a limited time.
- Instant noodles for weak moments.
- Candy to restore your sugar level and to distribute locally. 

Other Information:

- MoneyThere is a ATM (money cashing machine)  in Wasai (R.A.) but its operation is not guaranteed. Best to take some money along from Sorong. As all costs are paid for,  you don’t need much, maybe for some extra trips.

- InternetThe homestays don’t have WIFI. Some large resorts may have but it will be of no use to you. Hoewever there will be a weak 3G signal at most  home stays.

- TelephoneAll homestays can receive a telephone signal. Always buy a local telephonecard beforehand. They are very cheap.

Much more information you can find on the brilliant and elaborate website: . You’ll find information on the same homestays as mentioned on this website as well as many others. Basically all you want to know about Raja Ampat. The budget package deal you will only find on this website.