The Package Deal 

When you travel, you have to organise a lot.
When, where, how, and expenses have all to be considered. The further from home the more difficult this gets. It may end  up in a time consuming, inefficient holiday, where many oppertunities are missed.

The package deal is meant to take a lot of organisation and incertainties off your hands. From the perspective of the local homestay-owners the package is meant to pull you over the egde, and make this remote destination a realistic choice for your holidays. It is organised in such a way, that all will be taken care of ,from the moment you arrive at Sorong till the moment you return there.  

In short the package contains:

● The price of the guides,
● The cost of taxi to the ferry v.v.
● The ticket of the ferry v.v.
● The PIN of 1.000.000 Rp (the officially required admittance fee to the Raja Ampat province).
● The stay in the guesthouse for 6 days/5 nights
● 3 meals/day (24h coffee and tea)
● The chosen daytrips (excl. diving trips)

The complete package costs 6.000.000 Rp