On Raja Ampat there are various locations that offer guesthouses, all including:
3 Meals a day
Rooms equipped with mosquito nets
A portable generator for electricity
Clean drinking water
A toilet and a bathroom

These are the locations available for our package: 

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No. of Rooms: 2 (2 beds per bedroom)

Meos Srairam

Location: Friwen
(on an isle in front of Friwen - 5-10 min by boat)
Owner: Oto Mayor

- Lots of parrot fish in the waters beneath the guest house.
- Sometimes dugong visit  the island at high tide.
- It’s a secluded island - complete privacy.
- Large crabs (Walnut Crab or in Indonesian Ketam Kenari) can be found on the island at night-time.

No. of Rooms: 4 (2 beds per bedroom) 


Location: Friwen
Owner: Yopi Mayor

- Very close to karang cantik, where rows of coral reef are packed with sea fans, nudibranches and micro marine life.

No. of Rooms: 3 (2 beds per bedroom) 


Location: Pulau Gam
Owner: Matias Mayor

- Very nice stretch of a white sandy beach in front of Guesthouse.
- A cave can be found after a five minute walk into the forest behind      the guesthouse.
- The Survivors TV show was filmed in part here.
- Turtles have been sighted laying eggs along the beach and playing    in nearby water.

No of Rooms: 3 (2 beds per bedroom)


Location: Pulau Gam
Owner Korneles Wawiyai

- Nice beach in front of Guesthouse.
- Garden, shell and orchid collection.
- Kordiris has just recently equipped themselves with a couple of packs  of diving equipment and Mr Korneles is a dive guide.
- The water nearby is turqoise clear and calm, suitable for an all-day dip.
- By end of April 2013 a second Guesthouse (wit the same specification  as the existing) will be ready.

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