On Raja Ampat there are various locations that offer guesthouses, all including:
3 Meals a day
Rooms equipped with mosquito nets
A portable generator for electricity
Clean drinking water
A toilet and a bathroom

These are the locations available for our package: 

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No. of Rooms: 2 (2 beds per bedroom) 


Location: Pulau Gam (Yenanas)
Owner: Onesimus Makusi

- Sandy, white beach in front of the guesthouse.
- A large coral reef spans beneath the sea, close to the shore.  Excellent snorkling in front of the guesthouse.
- Many birds flying around, bird of paradise location at walking distance.
- One of the best locations to catch views of the sunset in Raja Ampat.
- Very close to Batu lima, a site where snorkellers can move through rocks that are cracked and stuffed with coral life.

No. of Rooms: 2 (2 beds per bedroom) 


Location: Pulau Gam
Owner: Karel Dimara

- Very nice and remote place.Turtles have been sighted swimming near the guesthouse, as well as blacktipped sharks. The guesthouse is positioned above clear blue water.
- Most suitable for kayaking, snorkeling and swimming.
- The owner, Karel Dimara, is a local expert in the field of birds-of-paradise.
- Situated in small bay just by the entrance to Kabui Bay passage.
- Very secluded, good for relaxing, no beach.

No. of Rooms: 2 (2 beds per bedroom) 


Location: Pulau Gam-Kabui
Owner: Daud Mayor

- Only a very simple toilet available.
-Suitable for kayaking.
- Beautiful waterfall showers over the jetty of this homestay, via pipe , the water of which is collected.
- Secluded location, good for relaxing, no beach.
- Close to Kabui bay and the beautiful islands inside, which look similar to Wayag.

No. of Rooms: 1, 2 beds (1 bunk-bed) 

Dore Atri Homestay

Location: Raswan (next to Yenbeser), Pulau Gam
Owner: Martin Luther Makusi

- Stay in a homestay with a local Papuan family and their children. Hear their stories and try their homemade local food.
- Possible to camp nearby on a sandy beach.
- Snorkelling locations can be found all around the island.
- An environmentally-friendly house, powered by solar panels.
- Situated next to the beach, the homestay is close to Alfed Wallace (the famous naturalist who was Charles Darwin‘s inspiration and discussion partner) historical sites.
- Family is English-speaking.
- The family are familiar with the history of Raja Ampat ,including the history of Kamma, the Dutch missionary who taught in Yenbeser.

Note; a seperate guesthouse is being constructed nearby this place, and will be ready half 2015.

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