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Raja Ampat Micro Tourism

We offer a complete package deal for people travelling to Raja Ampat on a budget.

For the experienced traveller Raja Ampat has a special ring. This remote place in east Indonesia is for many people synonimous with pure nature, splendid desolate beaches, and the really “away from it all” experience.

Many operators have jumped to this business opportunity, and a whole spectrum of tourist destinations have emerged recently. From big diving ships, which hosts as many as 35 divers, which roam these pristine waters, to airconditioned luxury resorts serving martinis.

All these accomodations have two things in common. First they are quite expensive, but more important, they hardly contribute to local development, and all the revenues go to far away investors.

This microtourism project however,  is determined to let local papuan people benefit from their own efforts.

This website is dedicated to a local initiative, whereby the local papuan people offer their homestays to the daring traveller.   They do this in a unique form: the package deal. The package deal means that your trip to R.A., your stay there, and all the trips you make there, are organised for you, from the moment you arrive in Sorong, untill the moment you return to Sorong. This will save you a lot of hassle and uncertainties, and guarantee you an optimal stay in this far away region. On this site we’ll explain what this package deal is about.